Grammar Foundation Online Course (8 lesson)

Learning proper grammar is important because it is the language that makes it possible for us to effectively talk about language. Grammar names the words and word groups that make up sentences not only in English but in almost any language. As humans, we can put sentences together even as children. But to be able to talk about how sentences are built, about the types of words and word groups that make up sentences—that is knowing grammar. With this, knowing about grammar opens a window into the human mind and into our amazingly complex mental capacity of knowing and learning a specific language. We always associate grammar with errors and correctness. But keep in mind, knowing about grammar also helps us understand what makes sentences and paragraphs clear and interesting, pleasant and precise.

In this course you will:
•    Develop greater control of English grammar, including more sophisticated areas like present perfect simple and conditionals.
•    Increase your vocabulary to cover subjects such as person whom you’ve just met, destination Hanoi, recommendations about Hanoi… 
•    Express and understand key information about typical situations such as café time
•    Describe job experiences. This knowledge will be essential in the future when you are looking for a job. 
•    Give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.
•    Practice forming connected text on topics of personal interest.
•    Communication: Participate in practical experience that is suitable for the Vietnamese environment: Get acquainted with foreigners 
•    Mastered 200 basic phrases that people use every day with corresponding topic.

This course is suitable for:
•    Intermediate level students.
•    Students preparing for Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET).
•    Students preparing for IELTS Life Skills Speaking and Listening.
•    Students who have an IELTS Level 2.0 – 3.5

How the course works:
•    Each video covers a different topic.
•    You can watch the lesson when you want.
•    You can watch the lesson as many times as you want.

01. Alphabet & Numbers

02. Present simple & continuous

03. Simple past & future

04. Object question

05. Subject question

06. WH-question Practice

07. Show possessive

08. Relative clause