Tips for improving English skills - Ecorp English (4 lesson)

This course equips you with free tips for improving English skills. In particular, you are going to gain various helpful tips to enhance your Reading skills, Listening skills, Speaking skills and Grammar.

For Reading skills, you need to pay attention to 4 major tips:

  • Skimming and Scanning
  • Dealing with Vocabulary questions
  • Dealing with Factual questions
  • Dealing with Content questions
  • Practice Exercise

For Listening skills, you will have a chance to practice different types of Listening exercise:

  • Matching
  • Multiple choice
  • Note completion
  • Summary completion
  • Table completion
  • Short answer questions

For Speaking skills:

  • Word stress
  • Improve speaking reflex
  • Words that are commonly mispronounced
  • Major mistakes that English language learners often make

For improving Grammar:

  • Word - Sentence - Paragraph Grammar
  • Word order in a sentence
  • Different English tenses
  • Combining learning Grammar and practicing using Grammar



01. Tips for Reading Skills

02. Tips for Listening Skills

03. Tips for Speaking Skills

04. Tips for improving English Grammar